Sunday, 23 June 2013

Busy Days - Downtime Days - an important balance....

So, Saturday was a really busy day, starting off in Bolsover at a friend's cottage. I left there for the 400 Market at Innisfil Beach Road, then back up to Orillia to officiate a wedding, then down to Whitby for my sister-in-law's choral concert. Thanks goodness that my car is good on gas. 

Was thinking of dropping over to Wilberforce today to visit my friend, Pat, at her cottage. However, in the interests of finding balance, I decided to stay put and relax for the day. Did go for my first swim in Canal Lake, Bolsover. Wonderful and refreshing!! Canal Lake - Map 

I'm seriously thinking about changing the lock on that cottage as a way of claiming ownership!!

About the choral concert, which was amazing - such difficult rhythms...... my sister-in-law, Sadie, only joined a few months ago, but is having so much fun. Their concerts are all fundraisers for local causes. There were about 50 women singing, and the blending of voices was really, really good. Songs performed ranged from The River is Wide, to You Can't Hurry Love. 

They have various groups over Ontario. Check out: Shout Sister if you are interested in knowing more.

Can't believe that this is my last week of paid work!  I will have to ensure that I get the balance right once I'm retired. Our dear friend, Pat, has a great philosophy when at her cottage:   Work in the morning; Goof Off in the afternoon!!    

I may adopt that as my new mantra!!
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