Thursday, 18 July 2013

One thing leads to another..... choosing happiness.

Funny how one thing can lead to another.......I was checking out FB this morning and came upon a video post from my friend, Lynn Jankowski. It shows a comedian who is talking to some middle school students about bullying, and how one solution would be to teach compassion and love. 

During his presentation, he used a quote from Helen Keller which I found inspiring. So I 'googled' the quote and came across a blog posted back in 2012 by Kahuna-pule Kimo called, 'If I had No Vision'. (See the blog here) - which was also inspiring. 
Below is an excerpt from this post. 

"An interviewer once made the comment to the blind Helen Keller, “Ms. Keller, it must be hard being blind.”  Her response was a revelation: “It would be if I had no Vision because we really see with our hearts.

The key to Ms. Keller’s wisdom was having accepted that her eyes did not work as they should and not wasting time railing against the sight that she lacked, but instead to determinedly grow in happiness with what she had.  What she shows us is that happiness is a choice.  Happiness is based upon acceptance of where we are - even when there is further to goof how we are - even when there is further to grow and of who we are - even when there is more to know.  Did you choose to be happy today?"
Thanks to Kahuna-pule Kimo, I am going to look for more things to appreciate today. 

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