Saturday, 10 August 2013

36.7 million dollars in the last 11 years...... A Butcher's Story

Quote from my business partner, Jimmy 'the Butcher' Smith:

"This is the only profession I know where you can fail 90% of the time and still become a millionaire!"

David Wood
David Wood, an international money-making expert and success trainer, gets up close and personal with Jimmy as he shares how at 84 he is still living a Kickass Life by helping others do the same. 

After being forced to retire because of an injured back, “Jimmy the Butcher” Smith had earned a grand total of $400.000 for 40 years of work. His wife suggested that he become a crosswalk attendant at a local school and accept the inevitable, that there was nothing out there for an injured 56 year old butcher.
Jimmy 'the Butcher' Smith

Jimmy stumbled across a tape that changed his life and the lives of millions of people! Today he and his two daughters have earned almost 30 million dollars, and last year he paid more in taxes than the president of the United States earned! (August, 2012). 

Over the last 11 years, he and his family have earned in excess of 36.7 million dollars. 

Listen to the full podcast:  Jimmy Smith - the Millionaire Butcher.

(For the actual interview, skip to minute 13).

(Courtesy of David Wood's website:

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