Sunday, 5 January 2014

Road Trip - Day 5 (5 states in 1 day!)

Day 5  Springfield, Illinois - Memphis, Tennessee

A journey that should have taken just 6 hours, took us 11 hours - the first 8 hours through a continual snow storm, with varying degrees of visibility. Passing many trucks and other vehicles in ditches, we drove at an average speed of 40 m.p.h. and reached our destination safely. 

Although the pictures are not very clear, they give an idea of what it was like. In spite of this, I was excited to have touched base with 5 different States in just one day. Starting off in Illinois, we traveled south on I-55 and crossed into Missouri, which was by far the State in which we spent most of our traveling time. 

This was what we beheld for nearly 8 hours solid!

A passing farm broke the regularity of the views around us

Crossing into Arkansas brought some relief, weather-wise, but the terrain remained very flat and unremarkable (is that a real word???). A brief sojourn through Tennessee, bypassing Memphis, took us into Mississippi, where we are staying the night in Olive Branch. Unfortunately, it was too dark to capture the Mississippi River which marks the border between TN and MS, but it was exciting to have caught a brief glimpse of this mighty river. 

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO

The Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Arkansas brought relief from the snowstorm

We're really excited to be visiting Graceland tomorrow. Mark has his blue suede shoes ready!

Blurry, but our first glimpse of 'The King'
Happy, Fit, and Free!
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