Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crazy?? You bet! But so much fun!!!

Crazy?? You bet! But so much fun!!!

So, he says, "How about going out on the lake tonight with our snow-shoes? 

So, I say, "Do you wanna?"

So, he says, "What d'ya think?"

So, I say, "I'm game, if you are!"

Done!  Originally planned for 10:00. We'd do this after we had listened to an amazing call about our friends' story, (Pam and Kevin), about how they became financially free in just 18 months!! 

However, the phone rang at 9:55 and the call was from a young man - actually an old student of mine - who wanted to know more about how to become financially free!  After 45 minutes, and setting him up for future success, the conversation resumed:

Me: "So, do you still want to go out?"

Him: "Uh.... I dunno! Are you tired?"

Me: "Obviously, YOU are. Would you rather stay in?"

Him: "If I don't go out tonight, I'll go out while you're doing your spiritual reading for your client tomorrow afternoon."

Me: "Aw - don't go out there without me... why don't we go now?"

Him: "Do you wanna?"

Me: "Might as well."

Him: "OK - let's do it". 


Although it was freezing cold, the stars were amazing. We were out on Elliot Lake for about 30 minutes, not far from the numerous ice-huts that dot the lake at this time of year. We got back indoors at about 12:30, got into our housecoats, made some herbal tea, and watched Jeopardy before going to bed. Exhilarating - and so relaxing!

Boy, it was dark out there!

Hands out of gloves - momentarily!

I didn't think it was going to be this cold!

Having fun!

We're going out next week during the day and are going to try to make it to the end of the lake to see a waterfall that we've been longing to see since we got here. 

It's so much fun having the time freedom to choose WHAT we want to do and WHEN we want to do it. After all, we can always sleep in the next morning!

Happy, Fit, & Free!

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