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Mini Road-Trip - Feb. 19th - Day 4

Mini Road-Trip - Feb. 19th - Day 4 

Thunder Bay - Wawa

Hoar Frost!!! – the very thought of seeing this thrills me to the core! It doesn’t happen that often, but when a morning fog gently caresses the objects in its path, everything gets coated in crystallized whiteness! To see every single, individual branch completely covered like this is magical. We were trying to capture some of the trees that lined Hwy. 17 as we left Thunder Bay this morning. 

However, when we took a detour off to Silver Harbour Conservation Area, we were rewarded with splendour that is second to none – especially as the sun came out and transformed the scenery into something resplendent.

Mark out on the lake

Aptly named today!

Earlier, we paid a second visit to Terry Fox, so that we could view the Sleeping Giant from a distance. This provincial park stands as a promise for us to keep when we journey this way again on our way to Calgary in July.

The Sleeping Giant

Mark comes up with the craziest of ideas at times.... so when he saw that there was a place called, 'Loon', his imagination got to work! As a result, he staged a couple of pics, which I went along with for the sake of a peaceful journey! (The things we do for love!!!)

Mark says: 'My Loon, holding a loonie at East Loon Park, in Loon, Ontario!' - Go figure!

So glad that a train didn't pass by!

The route to Wawa took us through Terrace Bay, Rossport (a lovely little fishing village), Marathon, and White River. Each had their own distinct flavour and, though the weather was changeable, we were able to discern what each had to offer.

Home of 'Winnie, the Pooh' - White River - where it all began.
Didn't know this tidbit of info. about Winnie the Pooh! Check out the story here:   Winnie and White River!

We decided to take a walk along the frozen beach in Terrance Bay, but had to mind the ice that was just under the blanket of snow.

Beauty definitely is in the eye of the beholder…. and we’re glad we can enjoy and appreciate our surroundings wherever we are, and whatever the conditions. We’ve noticed that there’s always something to be appreciated if we look for it. Like the sun peeping through the dark clouds, or the rays of the sun streaming downwards as in this picture of Cotton Lake – reminiscent of my early childhood depictions of sunrays!

Between Marathon and White River, we witnessed the remnant evidence of a forest fire, and marveled at the signs of new growth showing the resilience of nature. The picture below shows just one small part of an extensive area that took about 10 minutes to pass through, stretching out into the distant hills on both sides of the road. 

Finally reaching our destination for tonight in Wawa, we were glad to see the welcoming wings of the famous Goose which overlooks the highway.

As if to crown the vistas of the day, when we turned in to our hotel (The Mystic Isle – one of our favourites), we were treated to a spectacular sunset to round things off.

An awesome finish to an awesome day!

Living Joyfully - our philosophy of life!   Read # 8 at this link. 

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