Friday, 24 October 2014

Community Spirit - The Beauty of Brechin!

Community Spirit - The Beauty of Brechin!

I've always been impressed with the small town of Brechin, just 20 minutes (23 km) south east of Orillia, Ontario. 

Last year, during my final month of teaching before I retired, I had the pleasure of staying in a friend's cottage in Bolsover. Several times during that June, I traveled through Brechin on my way up north and was charmed by the town's display of old bicycles that had been painted in vivid colours and decorated with floral arrangements. There must be 20 or more of these bikes that pepper both sides of the road as you journey through the town. Each one was unique, and added a great dimension to this picturesque place. 

Earlier this week, we returned home from an overnight stay at Bolsover and were treated to the latest demonstration of community spirit. All of the bikes were decorated and ready for Halloween. Again, each one was unique in its creativity. 

Such was the appeal, that we turned around and drove back and forth along Highway 12 to make sure we captured each individual display. 

It warms the heart to see that the Small Town Spirit is still alive and well in Brechin!

(We sure will!)

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