Thursday, 6 November 2014

The End of the Road....

The End of the Road
November 6th, 2014

I have always been the kind of person who wonders...  who wants to know and experience new things. Nothing makes this more obvious when presented with a trail, a track, or a road that I haven't been on. I have this burning desire to KNOW what is at the end of that road.

Within the first few years of my arrival in Canada, this quest led me to discover Airport Road, just N.E. of Toronto. I remember driving on my own as far north as Hwy 9 and thinking, I'd better turn back as I felt I'd ventured into the far north!  Little did I know!!   On another adventure on this road, I discovered Wasaga Beach was at the end of the road - but there were some beautiful vistas to be encountered on the way - Hockley Valley among them. The thirst to know where roads lead to has not left me. In fact, it has been enhanced since I've hooked up with Mark, who also has this unquenchable thirst for exploring.

Yesterday, we headed out for a drive and a short hike. I wasn't feeling 100%, so didn't feel like going too far. Little Lake Bog, just off Hwy 17, gave us some excellent shots of some interesting fungi. After a quick bite for lunch in Blind River, we headed north along Hwy 557 towards Cataract River and Falls - one of our favourite places. Before we arrived there, the question had been presented - where does this road lead to? Mark remembered going to the very end of it last year,
but I couldn't remember, so we decided to 'do the falls' on the way back.

Along the way, we saw several roads, leading off from the left and the right, that intrigued us. We decided that they should be investigated after on the return drive.

One such road took us to Lower Cranberry Lake and Lake Duborne - connected with each other by a river with rapids and two small waterfalls. 

Another road - Hope Lake Road - led us to the southern end of Chiblow Lake, where we discovered some great trails along the shoreline. Both the rapids and falls of the earlier lakes, and the vistas afforded by Lake Chiblow  added to the experience and provided reason for pics to be taken.

Interesting Ridge alongside Lower Cranberry Lake

Different colours in the water

Hunting Platform on the trail

Negotiating the trail wasn't without its challenges

What had started out as a plan to stay local and keep it short, ended up with exploration which took over 3 hours of hiking. Not only that, but being in nature restored my spirits and gave me back my energy. As a friend told me earlier that day - just being out in the fresh air and getting the muscles moving works wonders!

It certainly did!

We never did make it back to Cataract Falls yesterday, but I'm looking forward to future trips to find out what is at the end of the road!


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