Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Farm Sitting - The Risky Side!

Farm Sitting - The Risky Side!

Mark posted this on Facebook this morning. I thought it was very funny - and cute, so I'm reprinting it here in Mark's own words! 

So there is always one in every crowd right? 

Well, this is Grover (my name for him), the Grouchy and Grumpy Gander! 

Self proclaimed "King of the Barn", Grover is always hissing and honking his disapproval of anyone who enters his kingdom. He will sometimes go quiet, however, and try to sneak up behind you. I find myself having to hiss and honk back and flap my wings to show him who's really boss! LOL. 

Well, it's 6:30am and I'm off to the barn for morning chores. Will grumpy Grover graciously thank me for breakfast this morning??

I'm not holding my breath!

(Someone commented that Mark should write a children's book about life on a farm using real photos and his stories. Personally, I think that's a great idea!  What do you think?)

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