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Monday, 22 February 2016

Fun on the Farm!

Fun on the Farm - February 22nd, 2016

It's always good to spend time with long-standing friends. We house sat for John and Doug this time last year and got to know all of the animals, while doing the routine chores. 

What a welcome we received from Julie and Brynn, the two Australian Shepherds, who greeted us as soon as we opened the car doors. Excited yelps and other noises, together with wagging tails and smiles where their teeth could be seen reassured us that they hadn't forgotten us! 

Before even venturing in the house to say hi to our friends, we made our way to the gate to reconnect with Jessie and Alice, feeding them with carrots that we had brought with us. 

Jessie came to greet us! 
Alice loves the attention

Grover - the Grouchy Gander - as loud as normal!

The boys were actually out when we arrived so we made ourselves at home until they arrived about 40 minutes later. 

When we had left Elliot Lake that morning, we had driven through a snow storm where, although visibility wasn't much of an issue, the possible slipperiness of the roads determined our slower cruising speed. Here, in Warsaw - near Peterborough, Ontario - the snow has almost disappeared. 

One of our favourite places to be, the landscape surrounding the farm is expansive, with 60 acres of arable land, with the rest being bush. 

Yesterday, the guys took us to their new home, which is on the way to completion, situated nearer to Warsaw, on the Indian River. The farm is up for sale and they are hoping to move into the new abode later on this year. 

The new home on Rock Road, Warsaw

Indian River

After spending about an hour enjoying the nearly-finished interior, we went into Peterborough for lunch and then spent an hour or so at the Art Gallery (more of which we will relate in another, separate blog). Upon our return home, Mark did the chores while the boys prepared a wonderful lamb dish, with a tasty sauce that left us drooling for more. 

Today, a little cooler than yesterday, we took the dogs for a walk across the fields, down the 'back lane', and into the wooded area. The clear skies, beautiful sunshine, and recently-appearing grassland made for a delightful hour of being outside in the fresh air. 

The 'Back Lane' on the property

A working Apiary

Mark decided he wanted view from the top!

We had forgotten how early the sun rises, here in Southern Ontario, and - before the sun showed its face this morning, we were treated to a beautiful full moon shining through the window in our bedroom. Quite magical. This picture was taken by Mark, last night...

We're going to miss the farm when it is sold... but we're really looking forward to staying in the new home. 

Here's the listing for the farm:  937 Webster Road, Douro-Dummer

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Winter - and Elliot Lake Comes Alive!!

Winter - and Elliot Lake Comes Alive!!

There are no February Blahs here, up north, in Elliot Lake!

After succumbing to a cold and being a poor little 'shut-in' for the last few days, I just had to get outside - even for just a short excursion.

Spine Beach - our local swimming place (just a 2 minute drive from where we live) - is very different in the winter. During the summer, Mark and I often have the whole beach to ourselves - even when school is out. Not so, in the winter!!! 

What a difference a season doth make!

During the winter season, the parking lot seems to be more full - and the activity on the lake increases. Although it's been unseasonably mild, there is at least 4 inches of solid ice on the lake (according to a very good source), and the ice-huts have been out there for over a week.

Today, we saw quite a lot of activity for a Friday morning, with snowmobile tracks all over the lake, and more people arriving to get out there to do their stuff.
We often sit at this picnic table

It's a family affair! (click pic to watch video)

Taking an augur out to drill the ice-hole

There are several events taking place in Elliot Lake during this season - and the big one, on Horne Lake (here in town,) is the annual Elliot Lake Ice Fishing Derby. 

Ice Fishing Derby, 2014
Courtesy of

Don't laugh - this year, Mark and I are going to be part of the judging team!!! A first for us! We'll be measuring fish and recording the statistics. It promises to be a lot of fun! I'm sure that pics will be posted.

Snow plows up and ready for action...

Perhaps it's just as well that, next weekend, two of our very dear friends are going to take us on our first ice-fishing trip. Well, that's a first for me - Mark has actually done it before - but he was born here. Coming from England, where the very idea of walking out on a frozen lake was almost anathema, this trip will mark a new milestone on my journey towards fearless bravery!

I'm also in the process of persuading one of our other friends to take me out on their snowmobile!

I can't wait!

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