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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kathy's Brew Haha!... more than just a cafe!

Kathy's Brew Haha! ... More than just a cafe!

Since it's opening a couple of weeks ago, we've been promising ourselves a visit to the newest jewel in our town of Elliot Lake. Yesterday, we made good on that self-promise and dropped in to see it for ourselves. 

A couple of months ago, our friend, Kathy Mitchell, mentioned that she was going to be starting up a new venture in town and we were excited at the prospect. During the preparations for our car rally, back in September, we noticed that the sign was already up and we decided that we would make it a priority to include a visit upon our return from our latest house/pet sitting assignment. 

Such a warm, welcoming feeling at the entrance

Stepping through the entrance, you are greeted with a warm fuzzy feeling, complete with aromas that are conducive to finding a comfy seat and spending a couple of hours there! Topping that, is the persona of Kathy, herself, whose down-to-earth warmth and heart of service permeates the whole experience.  

Vanna White has nothing on Kathy!

A bundle of positive energy, Kathy has created an environment where one is surrounded by uplifting slogans and mottos that punctuate the venue while relaxing with some of the many treats that she has available.

Inspiring messages permeate the venue

There is a choice of seating - from armchairs, regular table and chairs, and bar stools where patrons can look out at the comings and goings on Ontario Street. Everything is geared to the 'come-in-and-tarry-awhile' experience... and we can guarantee that we'll be popping in on a regular basis whenever we're in town. 

A repeated pic... but I love this one so much!!

Kathy provides a wide range of tea and coffee flavours and blends... and the dessert offerings are to die for, courtesy of Sloan at the Fat Raccoon Bakery with whom Kathy has a special arrangement. (Anyone who has tasted the concoctions of Sloane will attest to their excellence!!) Making yourself comfortable and enjoying these goodies is a real treat - and the prices are amazing affordable.

Sloane's treats are truly awesome!

Mark and I chose a pot of tea each - complete with bone china cup and saucer. This meant that we were each able to enjoy 3 cups of the splendid brew, which warmed us from the inside out. 

Of particular interest were the jigsaw table - where patrons could sit and spend some time working upon the partially completed puzzle; and the free paperback book exchange is an excellent addition - 'take a book.. leave a book' ... what a great way to recycle and share! 

While away some time at the jigsaw table

Take a book - leave a book

Kathy's personality attracts those who, like herself, are 'people people'. We interacted easily with other patrons, but were still able to enjoy the privacy of the intimate setting. 

The many tasteful decorations, home-made crafts, and items on display and/or for sale, build a delightful ambience - either to take in up close, or just to sit back and enjoy the overall feeling of well-being. 

wi-fi is also available

Some home-made crafts

Add your own milk, cream, and sugar to taste

A variety of flavours - a dash here and there

For those of you who are fortunate to live in Elliot Lake, this is another jewel in our crown - and a visit here is not to be missed. For those who will be gracing our wonderful town with your presence, Kathy's Brew Haha! is a must - a place that will help your family and friends take away feelings of goodness, warmth, and welcome - which encapsulates what we have found since we have moved here.

For further information: Kathy's Brew Haha! is to be found at 126 Ontario Avenue, Elliot Lake. 

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (though you'll never be rushed out!!)

Like her Facebook Page:   Kathy's Brew Haha! 

Kathy's Brew Haha! is a fair trade coffee shop. 

Fat Racoon Bakery can be found at: 7 Charles Walk Elliot Lake 

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