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Friday, 20 January 2017

The Power of Unconditional Love

The Power of Unconditional Love!

When I was teaching in Elementary School, I used to tell this story to illustrate the power of unconditional love. I thought I’d share it now, as I haven't written a blog post since before Christmas!

At a gathering of the Elements, it was noticed that there was a single flower in a field and that all of its petals were closed up.

They began to discuss how they could get the flower to open its petals.

Rain said, ‘What this flower needs is plenty to drink, so let me try.”

The rain started to fall – gently, at first, and then it pelted down, believing that the quicker the plant could get the water, the quicker it would open up. However, the flower just tried to dodge the raindrops, and almost bent over  under the weight of the deluge; but the petals remained closed.

Wind said, ‘Since you have failed, let me try!’

The gentle breeze quickly whipped up and blew the flower to and fro so that it didn’t know which way to lean; but the petals remained closed.

The Sun said, ‘I think we’re approaching this the wrong way. Let me try.’

The sun shone gently upon the field and the flower began to feel its warmth. It started to open up – just a little, and then it felt more warmth. So, it opened up its petals even more… and still felt the warmth; and it felt good! So the flower opened up fully under the warmth of the sun and everyone could see its beauty.

Although it may take time, and we may never see the results, I have found that there is nothing more powerful than unconditional love, gently shared with another, that will help someone blossom into the beautiful person that they are. 
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