Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Early on Saturday morning, two local lads were caught red-handed in an attempt to kidnap a duck-tolling retriever and two pussycats.

The couple were apprehended just outside the town of Manotick, with the three pets in the back seat of their car, apparently lured there by copious treats.

Alan Steed, 66, and Mark Napper, 61, of Warsaw Place, Elliot Lake, were remanded in custody and taken to Sudbury Correctional Centre where they will remain until the trial later on this week. Steed admitted to a previous felony in the same area of Manotick, Ontario, where he stole a loaf a bread from the local market, just eighteen months ago. Napper, who has no previous convictions, admitted that he had, on several occasions, thought of kidnapping these three pets. Both of the men confessed that they had been masquerading as house/pet sitters for the last three years.

The owners could not be reached for comment as they are currently traveling.

Speaking on behalf of herself and the two pussycats, Jazzy said, 'We don't mind the boyz... they give us our food and treats, and they take me out for walks. However, they can never replace our mom and dad, so we're glad they have been caught."

The three furballs will be looked after by the S.P.C.A until the owners can be notified.

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