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From mining town to retirement destination—the transformation of Elliot Lake

From mining town to retirement destination—the transformation of Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake Miners' Memorial

This week, the CBC posted an article about Elliot Lake, including an overview of the recent history of the city from its early mining days to its current status as one of the Retirement Capitals in Canada.

We moved here nearly one year after the tragic collapse of the mall - an event which traumatized this community. We've met several people who have related their experience of that terrible day and the effect it has had upon them. 

However, we have also been inspired by the resilience of the people of Elliot Lake. No matter what is thrown at them (the closure of the mines in the early 1990's was devastating to the community), they rise up and thrive again. We have been blown away by the welcome we have received, and feel that we have been embraced by the community. We have also been fortunate to make so many new and wonderful friends here, and we have witnessed that welcoming spirit over and again towards newcomers who find there way here.

This article, which also features our friends, Janice and Barb, as well as our amazing mayor, Dan, captures the spirit of the townsfolk, and the sense of community that is felt by those who live here. 

Our friends, Janice and Barb

Dan Marchisella - our amazing Mayor

Here's the link to the article: From Mining Town to Retirement Destination


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