Friday, 14 September 2018

Older and Wiser? Questionable!!!

They say that we become wiser as we get older. We certainly hope that's true. It wasn't quite as bad as shown in this cartoon, but it wasn't far off!

About 15 years ago, Mark and I went out west to the Rockies, and we hired a canoe to take a short trip on one of the many beautiful lakes out there. We decided that Mark would steer from the back, and I would paddle in the front.

After about 10 minutes, my hips started to ache, and my legs were really sore. I started to complain that I was in pain and that I couldn't change the position of my legs to gain relief. After bombarding him with innumerable resounding moans and groans, Mark finally relented and we turned back. I felt as though I had let him down, but he was very understanding - (no surprises there!!).

Years later, once we had mastered the art of canoeing, we realized that we had seated ourselves at the wrong ends of the canoe and were, in fact, paddling the rear of the canoe at the front! No wonder there was no leg-room in the 'front'! Duh!!!

We've shared that story with our more enlightened friends since living up north. Some have been very gracious with their empathy. However, most have joined us in guffawing at our naivety! It has certainly given us many mirthful moments in the latter years - and we now enjoy comfortable canoe trips.

Increasing wisdom (or is it just plain, common sense??) has its benefits!!!
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