Friday, 24 May 2013

Don't cast a clout, until May is out???

This picture - taken at the side of our house just one week ago - gave me evidence that Spring had finally arrived. Along with the accompanying heatwave, the lighter mornings, and the ample blossoms everywhere, the promise of a beautiful summer was established firmly in my eskrow!

What happened????  I took a brief trip to a store last night - and had to take my winter coat! Such is life in Ontario!  

Back in the U.K., my mom used to say, 'Don't cast a clout, until May is out!' I was never sure whether that meant that we shouldn't discard our winter clothes until the month of May had begun, or had ended, or whether it was when the little mayflower came out. Does anyone have a British background who could enlighten me? Has anyone ever heard that saying? 

I would be appreciative of your comments and insight....

Have a wonderful day.
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