Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Helping others.....

The thing I like most about what I do is that I get to help others achieve their goals. I'm not in the business of setting goals for others, but helping them to figure out what their goals are for themselves. Then I match them up with the tools that help them achieve their goals. I offer to coach and support them on their way, together with a super team of people who come from a heart of service. 

That's what we did last night. 4 of my team went up to Midland to support a friend, Marlena, in her wish to help others. As a result, 1 more person made a decision to improve their health and wealth, and 5 more are on their way to making the same decision. 

It really is all about helping others.... it's what I do best - and I have a lot of fun along the way!!
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