Saturday, 18 May 2013

Marlena - one of my team....

It's a wonderful thing to know that I have contributed to someone else's success... whether directly, or indirectly. Marlena's pictures remind me of why I do what I do. Our products continue to give visible, emotional, and lasting results. Just over two years ago, I shared with my friend Stephanie, who had great results. When her friends and family members started to notice her transformation, they began to ask her what she was doing to regain her health so quickly and safely. She was her own billboard! Stef shared with several people, and they also had great results, too.

Just 3 months ago, Marlena connected with Stef, and within just 9 weeks, she released 40lbs without losing lean muscle. She also felt tremendous energy. Her journey continues, as you can see by her latest photo taken just this week. 

These results are not unusual. In my team are hundreds of people who are telling similar stories - and several athletes who report improved performance, quicker recovery, more stamina, and better health. 

I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to belong to a company whose vision is to impact world health by freeing people from physical and financial pain, one person at a time. Real People!  Real Results!!   So exciting!
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