Sunday, 19 May 2013

My heart goes out to my American friends....

Another reminder of why I am glad to be living in Canada. Watched the movie SICKO last night after a friend recommended it. 
I had shared with her how a friend of ours in Arizona had gone to an emergency unit, but had not gone to an 'approved' hospital. Her insurance company slammed her with a bill for $13,000 for a 5 hour visit. (They did pay the first $100!!!) When she called the insurance company to ask how on earth they could charge $13,000 for just 5 hours - they told her that the procedures she had undergone were very expensive. 
However, all is not lost - they told her that they would help her out. If she paid it in full, they would reimburse 20% of her costs. So now she ONLY has to pay just over $10,000. 
My heart goes out to all of my American friends.

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