Wednesday, 22 May 2013

One of my most exhilarating moments!

You never really know what a day holds in store for you! What started off as me volunteering on the ground ended up with me jumping from a plane!!  

I had been so inspired (and continue to be) by my friend, Derek Walton. He has A.L.S. and has done so much to raise awareness and funds for that cause. For several years, he had participated in a SkyDive, just north of Toronto, Ontario. His infectious enthusiasm led me to volunteer on the ground to do whatever I could to support him. 

While watching the participants land, I found myself thinking, 'I could do that!' - in spite of my natural fear of heights. I shared my thoughts with fellow volunteers and was overheard by Sally, one of the jumpers. She immediately told me that I could take the place of her grandson, who had to cancel his participation at the last minute. This generous woman not only paid for my jump, but also for the video that is shown above. 

There are two parts of the experience that I will never forget:  the freefall - where I felt I was soaring like an eagle; and the absolute silence during the rest of the drop, after the parachute had opened. 

It was truly, an exhilarating moment for me!

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