Saturday, 11 January 2014

Road Trip - Day 11 Dallas (Conference 3)

Day 11 - January 11th - Amazing Stories and Generosity!

Invigorated, and very happy, at the end of our 3-day conference! Thanks to the e-shot, we're not exhausted, even though the sessions lasted all day, starting at 8:30 a.m. and continuing until 6:30 p.m.! It's also great when you have a long drive - as we've discovered on this trip!

This keeps us going - we have the pocket-sized one, though! 

Today, we witnessed so many stories of people's lives being changed - either through improving their health, or by becoming financially free. It was very moving to hear how so many people started from very unpleasant places - places ranging from where there were life-threatening illnesses to being in severe debt or near bankruptcy - and through making a decision and not quitting, were able to turn their lives around. Obviously, we don't make any health claims of curing any condition, but so many people told us how they felt their lives had been saved. 

It was also humbling to know that in just under one year, our company has donated over one million dollars to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Apparently, each wish costs about $7,500 - $10,000 to fulfil, and these wishes can make a big difference to children who have life-threatening or fatal diseases and conditions. They can also have a positive and uplifting effect upon the families of these children. One woman shared with us that her son passed away last year before his wish could be fulfilled. She is dedicating all of her income over the next 90-day period and putting that towards what she had saved for her son's wish so that she can gift this to another child! So humbling - and there was hardly a dry eye among the 3,000 participants. 
A recent recipient of the Make-a-Wish Project

A collection was taken up this morning and the total amount given was $25,000 - which means that 3 more children will have their wish granted and the burden of the family can be lifted for a brief time. It certainly makes us very proud that we have linked arms with a company that has a huge heart. 

Tomorrow, we're leaving for the next leg of our road trip. We have said adieu to our friends for the time being - most of them will be in San Diego with us in August. 

Goldfish in the indoor pond

Indoor garden

Mark - invigorated and happy at the end of our intensive training

Alan's final pic at the resort

We are looking forward to visiting new places and sharing our experiences with those of you who are following us. We are appreciative of your comments and support. 

Happy, Fit, and Free!

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